Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's Rotary Time

Every Wednesday evening is Rotary Club night. I'm the President.

I look forward to these meetings with a mixture of joy and anxiety.

Joy because these are my friends - many are also colleagues at the college. I enjoy sitting and having a meal with these folks, joking and behaving the way "friends" do.

But it's also a time of anxiety. I'm the President and I'm responsible for getting this group to head in a new and better direction. I'm the President and I have to make sure that every member has a voice and a reason for being a part of the club. That creates anxiety. I expect that I will be anxious tonight.

But I also have anxiety because we have a few senior members for whom attendance is difficult. One of our members is nearly stone deaf, but he's there every week. I worry that he will fall or be knocked over. I worry that others will finally grow a bit weary of the difficulty of communicating with a deaf senior citizen. I expect that that will be a problem again tonight.

Now, having read Duck's text, I'm worried because we meet on Wednesday evening - probably the worst time for a meeting.

Oh, wait, church choirs meet on Wednesday evenings. Many churches have mid-week services of Wednesday evenings. Maybe institutionalized relationships don't have the difficulties Duck cites from research.

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