Saturday, February 7, 2009

Interpersonal Communication and Observation

The Duck text suggests that we take a time in the future - two times in fact - and see what the context of day and time do for communication.

My problem is that I'm so routinized in my communication that I probably do pretty much the predictable same thing with the same people - and that's really hard to carefully observe.

I have an event coming that might be worth watching: Monday from 6:30 to 10 pm I'll be conducting auditions for Easter in the Burnett Center. That's one time that will be out of the ordinary and probably worth observing myself.

Then, I think I'll pay attention to preparation hours on Wednesday morning, from around 9 until 10:30 am.

Those two times might be worth keeping a watch on. But how will I observe myself in an unbiased fashion? What if I kept a journal of the hours and entered a note every 15 minutes to help recall and see what kinds of things I actually do - as opposed to what I think I do.

Watch this space on Wednesday evening to see how this observation experiment turns out.

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