Monday, March 11, 2013

Catching Up

It has been four years since I posted anything to this blog.

Part of the reason is that I only teach Interpersonal every other year and I didn't teach it the last iteration. This year's edition is being brought to you courtesy of Franzika Macur. She's an actual communication scholar. I'm more of a rhetorical generalist and media producer masquerading as an interpersonal scholar on occasion.

Nevertheless, I want to add a little something because I'm trying to get a general Communication Studies at Bethany College blog to go with our Bethany College new roll out. So I thought I'd revive this blog with occasional posts on what I'm still learning about Interpersonal Communication.

One of those learnings came from watching an amazing speaker, performer, musician, Amanda Palmer. The video is from her recent presentation at the TED conference.