Monday, February 2, 2009

How Hard Can it Be?

I am amazed at how much popular music, popular television and popular film revolves around Interpersonal Relationships - many of which have gone bad.

Over the weekend we watched "Once." I was busy working on syllabus for Interpersonal Communication so I didn't pay as much attention to the film as I might have - but it seemed like the whole picture revolved around a potential romance between Glen Hansard's and Marketa Irglova's characters. Early on Hansard says to Irglova - "Do you want to spend the night." He almost immediately realizes that his comment was a mistake. He regrets it and apologizes, leading to a deepening of the relationship.

Just when you think that there might be a romance between the two, Irglova's reveals that she has a husband in the Czech Republic. There seems to be hope for the relationship, however, since Irglova seems to not be interested in reuniting with her husband, not even for the sake of her child. In the end it all falls apart and the two would be lovers each return to their former loves.

Relationships are like that. They're tricky at best, difficult, even impossible at times. It makes you wonder why we even try.

Perhaps the persistence of most human beings to stay related to other human beings is testimony to the fact that we are social animals, hard wired for relationships. So, maybe it's just that most of us have a few loose wires.

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