Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It Wasn't Bad

Rotary was, as it has been, a successful meeting.

The only part of the process that I expected not to go well that did not go well was the joke time. The fellow who can't hear tells jokes at almost every meeting. He finishes his routine with a visual joke - a word or two words which, when combined, make a popular phrase. Tonight's rebus was the word "vanished" with a thinly written "air" encased in it. The phrase was "vanished in thin air." Clever. Three Rotarians got the phrase. He didn't hear any of them.

But everyone loves him and everyone just goes along with his jokes and his rebuses and laughs. He actually finds some pretty funny puns.

The program was LeGault, talking briefly and entertainingly about "I love you, you're perfect, now change."

The "happy dollar" Polio Plus went well. We've committed to raising $1000 a year for three years for the elimination of Polio. One of the ways the board said to raise that money was through an aggressive approach to "happy dollars," the loose change that we Rotarians through in each week - just because we're happy to be there. I didn't mention that in my anxieties post - but it is something that makes me a little anxious. I don't really like to raise money - I just don't like to ask others to shell out dollars, no matter how worthy the cause.

But we've got a few tricks and several very supportive members, and it seems to always go well. This meeting we raised about 30 dollars on the $1000 challenge. We'll make it I'm sure.

So, overall, my anticipation of how these interactions would turn out turned out not to be quite correct.

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