Monday, February 16, 2009

Back from the Dead?

Not quite dead, but certainly detached.

Spent the weekend (Saturday/Sunday) on the road to, in and on the road home from Omaha. We had a dance workshop for Scandinavian Dancers. Good time.

Spent some time with old friends, stayed at their house, drank some glögg, ate snacks, talked. Talked, and talked and talked.

What did we talk about? Some about mutual friends. Some about jobs and business. Some about family. Mostly we just talked. That was the important part of the visit - not the content but the time spent just talking. Relationships are built out of talking. Food and wine are the grease that keeps adult talking going.

Now I'm back at work and behind in all my work. I wonder if I'll ever catch up, but I'm actually confident that I won't and that it won't matter much in the long run. What will matter more than my being on top of every project is that I take the time to cultivate the relationships that make life a joy.

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